Khloe Kardashian’s Body Evolution Through Pregnancy, Weight Loss and Relationship Drama

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Khloé Kardashian Opens a New Window is the queen of the body evolution! Since Keeping Up With the Kardashians Opens a New Window. premiered in 2007, she’s managed to change her body time and time again, inspiring fans and helping to spread a healthy message.

Thanks to a growing dedication to fitness and eating well, the younger sister of KimOpens a New Window. and KourtneyOpens a New Window. managed to kick her habit of yo-yo dieting — and the cycle of weight loss and weight gain that went with it. And Khloe’s dedication to an active lifestyle has helped her not just slim down, but become physically strong, mentally balanced and all-around healthier too — even as she feared infertility Opens a New Window., struggled to conceive a babyOpens a New Window. and went through a difficult divorce from Lamar Odom Opens a New Window.

But by the time the Strong Looks Better Naked author welcomed her daughter Opens a New Window., True, in April 2018 (with boyfriend Tristan ThompsonOpens a New Window.), her workout sessions and healthy diet had become such a part of her mindset and daily habits, that she was able to slim down at the rate she wanted Opens a New Window. — and keep off her post-baby weight.

“I’m still active, I still work out, but I’m not like ‘I have to lose 50 pounds in two months’ or whatever those expectations are,” the Revenge Body host told Us Weekly in September 2018. “It’s very normal to lose weight at a slow process. For me, that’s how I lost all my weight before and how it stayed off. I used to fluctuate weight because I would try all these diet fads and then I would gain the weight right back. I would always yo-yo. When I lost my weight and kept it off, it’s when I lost it slowly. I know that expression ‘the turtle wins the race’, ’cause now I know, OK, let me lose it in a healthy way’ so I keep it off, ’cause the last thing I want to do is yo-yo again in my life.”

New to the Scene

When Khloé Kardashian and her family let viewers into their household for a new E! reality show in 2007, the “tough skinned” Kardashian had no idea how mean some viewers and online critics would be—instantly billing her as “the fat sister.” “It’s like being brain-washed: You think, ‘Do I have a distorted body image and think I’m not as big as I am?'” she has said. 

Emotional Eating

Khloé showed off her curves in an emerald green dress in 2008, but admits that her weight was always a battle. “As a girl, you have baby fat,” she explained. During her parents’ divorce in 1991, she said, “My brother [Rob] and I were always heavy. They gave us food to keep us company. All we did was eat crap.”

Body Struggles

Instant life in the spotlight was hard for the Keeping Up With the Kardashiansstar, who says that constantly being compared to her older (and petite) sisters, Kim and Kourtney, was difficult. “The fabulous Kardashian sisters were not an easy act to follow … I just didn’t look like them,” the star, here in March 2008, wrote in their book, Kardashian Konfidential.

Slimming Down

Debuting a slimmer figure in a tight purple frock in 2009, Khloé revealed she did it by using the weight loss program QuickTrim (all three Kardashian sisters were spokeswomen for the product). “QuickTrim is seriously amazing and I swear it works!!!” she wrote in a blogpost.

Evening Out

In 2010, the reality star revealed a healthier frame, sporting a striped maxi dress at an event. The always-honest Kardashian was upfront about her yo-yo dieting with fans. “If I can make other people feel good about their ups and downs in weight, then I want to be that person,” she told Us Weekly

Making Progress

Taking a break from QuickTrim, Khloé stepped out in 2011 with a more toned bod, largely due to upping her exercise regimen—doing 30 minutes of cardio daily, boxing, hiking, and even using a sauna suit to work out. “It’s like a trash bag that makes you sweat,” she told Us at the time. Her goal? To be bikini ready! “Most girls in their 20s get to be in bikinis around their friends,” she explained. “I was never that girl.”

Hubby Support

Following their wedding in 2009, NBA basketball player Lamar Odom was always a constant support through her weight struggles. “Lamar tells me he loves my body and I’m beautiful multiple times a day,” Khloé, pictured with Odom IN L.A. in 2012, has shared. “I’ve never had that before: Someone saying, ‘Without makeup, without clothes, you’re stunning.’ He loves my body and loves that womanly shape.” 

She Has the X Factor

Khloé noticeably shed pounds while she was hosting The X Factor in fall 2012 alongside Mario Lopez, thanks to boxing classes and changing her eating habits. “I could have done a lot of unhealthy things to lose weight, and I’m proud for all the criticism I’ve taken and haven’t done that,” she has said.

Sexy in Red

By mid-2012, Khloé was feeling sexy enough to flaunt her curves in a leg-bearing red dress—haters be damned. “I’m a size 6/8,” she told Us Weekly in the past. “If I weren’t in Hollywood world, no one would ever say I was fat.”

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